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every time i see this it has a different  gif lmfaoooooo

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Black people policing other black people’s blackness, creating a separation between “real” black people and “other” black people, assuming that all black Americans have the same exact cultural framework, and in general replicating the same oppressive power structures that white supremacy thrives off of will never, ever, ever be a good look. 

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What are your thoughts on beastiality, incest, and other things of the such that usually get grouped together.






What about them? Just another aspect of humanity. “We are no guiltier in following the primitive impulses that govern us than is the Nile for her floods or the sea for her waves.” 

i need to sit down

She fucks monkeys. Confirmed.

white ppl grotesque

white people will fuck their pets and then turn around and be bad a Micheal Vick for having a job

these are the same ppl that go crazy when they see 2 guys/girls kiss. fucking animals is “just another part of hmanity” but being gay isnt BISH WHETTTTTTTTTTTT??/


Birdman - What Happened To That Boy (Feat. Clipse)

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